Blu-ray and 3D Entertainment – Can 3D Help Blu-ray Succeed

Estimated sales of Bluray Disc Players for will actually cover million, more than double from that of actually. Many think this is due to your house D trend. Around percent of all Bluray Players bought in will be D players. Sources for Futuresource Consulting states viewed as continue to increase over the next few years to percent and by , D Bluray Players are developing percent of homes intercontinental. These estimates do not include the most popular D Bluray Player, Sony’s PlayStation .

But is D basically fad Will the buzz about it soon disappear and therefore see the end of Bluray becoming a mainstream format This can always happen when dealing with relatively new technology. As well as if you join the two new technologies. Of course D has been around for quite a while, but it has never been available in our homes. So we can not predict how households will embrace D Home Entertainment. A recent survey by Interpret, LLC, an independent research company dealing with economic trends of consumers, stated that percent among the consumers they questioned always be buying a DTV within year.

Entertainment Company comes to an end from the first quarter of this year. It also states that the drawbacks for safety from credit card are the price and the requirement of wearing D glasses. While the cost for a DTV, D Bluray DVD Players and D shutter glasses remain high, you should see a significant drop in the. Igniting even more interest in these products. Prices for a D Bluray DVD Player have already decreased over percent right away of . And D Home technology is trying to formulate DTVs where glasses are not considered necessary.